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New for 2018

New Chiyogami

As we watch the seasons change so do we order seasonal chiyogami.

Full range of patterns

CHY1021(View larger pattern) CHY1022(View larger pattern) CHY1023(View larger pattern) CHY1024(View larger pattern)
CHY1025(View larger pattern) CHY1026(View larger pattern) CHY1027(View larger pattern) CHY1028(View larger pattern)
Chiyogami 1032C
CHY1029(View larger pattern) CHY1030(View larger pattern) CHY1031(View larger pattern) CHY1032(View larger pattern)
Chiyogami 1033C Chiyogami 1034C Chiyogami 1035C
CHY1033(View larger pattern) CHY1034(View larger pattern) CHY1035(View larger pattern)


Konnyaku Kit

Konnyaku Kit

Transform Japanese paper into cloth with konnyaku, a starch made from Devil's Tongue Root. And then, go to town, stitching the paper into whatever you like - for example this zippered purse!



Vintage Handmade Paper Mosaic

Vintage Handmade Paper

After 40 years of collecting we have many papers now unavailable or well-aged! Here are 2 variations for your collaging pleasure.



Chiyogami Magnets

Chiyogami Magnets

4 colour coordinated ceramic magnets. Each hand made and covered in hand silkscreen Japanese paper.

Code GIF13367


Mirror Buttons

Mirror Buttons

3 inch Mirrors covered in hand-stenciled Katazome paper. Perfect size for every purse.

Code GIF13368


Colour Inspirations

The perfect start to any project, choose your favorite colour and inside you'll find an array of textures and tones. Includes 20 decorative opaques, 15 tissues and 5 pieces of Chiyogami, all to help you get inspired.

Colour Inspirations

Code POT13292, POT13293, POT13294, POT13295, POT 13296



New for Spring 2016

Sogara Yuzen

For the first time in years, we have brought in two new colourways of our stunning hand-silkscreened full-sheet Katcho-Fugetsu pattern of Sogara Yuzen .

Tomoe River Writer's Kit


Tomoe River Writer's Kit

Not yet familiar with Tomoe River paper? Brought in by popular customer demand, its smooth surface is perfect for writing with Western or Eastern pens - and now it's available in a Tomoe River Writer's Kit with white and cream sheets as well as a fine-tipped pen. See what everyone is talking about!



New for Winter 2016

New Chiyogami

In the depths of winter, isn't it lovely to think of trees blossoming? Enjoy our new Chiyogami plum blossom tree pattern in four colourways.


Moriki Kozo

We're delighted to report that a new maker for Moriki Kozo has been found, so we will be continuing to offer a limited palette of colours.

Moriki Kozo Hot Orange (New Version)

Hottest new Moriki Kozo colour - HOT ORANGE! SCS13426

Moriki Kozo Brown (New Version)

Moriki Kozo Azuki (New Version)

Moriki Kozo Bright Yellow (New Version)

Moriki Kozo Ivory (New Version)

Moriki Kozo White (New Version)

Moriki Kozo Grey (New Version)



Enjoy our five new origami additions: two new colourways in the popular Tant line and new fireworks, goldfish and flower packages!




Some cheery new Chiyogami patterns to brighten up the winter: see spring in in style!



New for Fall 2015


It's a blizzard of Chiyogami for late autumn! Enjoy seven new additions - and look for more next month!


New for Summer 2015

Lacquered Yuzen

For the first time in years, we have added to our Lacquered Yuzen line! Hand-silkscreened like Chiyogami these remarkable papers have the texture, appearance and durability of real lacquer but with a flexibility that makes them perfect for boxmaking or bookbinding. Now, in addition to our black and red versions, we offer Basketry Tan, Sakura Green and Scales Blue.

Lacquered Yuzen Basketry Tan Lacquered Yuzen Sakura Green Lacquered Yuzen Scales Blue


New for Spring 2015


Enjoy two new traditional-looking Chiyogami pattern colourways this spring:

948C 949C

Emergency Pocket Pack Plus front and contents

Emergency Pocket Pack Plus

Enjoy our Emergency Pocket Packs? Then you'll love our new Emergency Pocket Pack Plus addition: seventy-two pieces of three inch Chiyogami instead of twent four pieces!


Chiyogami and Katazome-shi

Enjoy our one new colourway in Chiyogami and three in Katazome-shi.


Guestbook/ Livre d'Or


This new softcover laser-cut guestbook lies flat for ease of signing, making it a perfect addition to your home or cottage this summer.


New for Winter 2015

Lion, Bunny, Seal and Ladybug paper balloons Paper Balloons

Lion, Bunny, Seal and Ladybug paper balloons join our existing paper balloon menagerie. Add these wonderful gifts and party favours to your collection!



Rich new colours and patterns: new umbrellas, new geometrics, and another pansy colourway.

948C 948C 948C 948C 948C


New for Autumn 2014

Serizawa calendars 2015 2015 Serizawa Calendars

They've arrived! Our perennially popular reprints of classic Serizawa calendars are now available in their 2015 variation.


New paper balloons

Paper Balloons

Adorable new paper balloons are now available! We now offer (left to right) penguin, octopus, goldfish, temari and tiger balloons.



Enjoy six new chiyogami patterns: peonies, cherry blossoms, sylized chrysanthemums, and small repeat geometrics!

946C 947C 948C
949C 950C 951C


New for Summer 2014


Chine-colle Package - Blues Chine-colle Package - Earths Matsuo Kozo Chine-colle Packages

New online: these packages contain an assortment of pieces of Matsuo Kozo, our lightweight dyed washi. Perfect for collage or chine-colle!



Tomoe River Paper



Tomoe River Paper

This smooth, light weight paper for calligraphy and offset printing is now available in an easy-to-use 25 sheet package.





Chiyogami (Yuzen) 945C What nicer way to begin summer than with a fresh new Chiyogami arrival? Popular in other colour combinations, we decided to get it custom colored in gold and cream. We think you'll agree it's as sophisticated as it is beautiful.

New for Spring 2014

Chiyo galore

After our last six patterns, we now have seven more! A delicate off-white wave pattern, perfect for weddings; several geometrics; and a few cheery plant-based images are the latest to join our collection.

Chiyogami patterns 937 to 943.


Six new patterns to help see in spring!

Chiyogami patterns 932C-937C



A cheery new origami package for spring. May the bright colours remind you of the outside colours coming soon!



New for Winter 2014

Mini Clips with Chiyogami Mini Clips with Chiyogami

Our Chiyogami-covered Clips have been so popular over the years that we've introduced a new, smaller size: Mini Clips with Chiyogami.


Chiyogami Card Holders


Chiyogami Card Holder

Sturdy and vibrant, these business card holders make a decisive statement of quality.


Japanese Calligraphy

We featured these two products at the Paperworld trade show, and they're popular already! Two styles of Japanese Calligraphy set complete with sumi brush pen, lovely handmade paper, and sample kanji to trace or copy. The Letter kit even includes matching envelopes.

Japanese Calligraphy Letter Set Japanese Calligraphy Set



We're ringing in the new year with three new Chiyogami patterns:

Chiyogami 929C Chiyogami 930C Chiyogami 931c


New for Fall 2013

New Chiyogami Patterns

This riot of colour is sure to help the winter blahs!

922C & 923C 924C to 928C


Glue sticks have never before been this cute.

Our new gingham-patterned glue sticks are just the ticket to cheer up a dreary autumn!


We've got you covered!

Our Chiyogami-covered journals now come in a wider assortment of covers, and we're pleased to introduce our new Katazome-shi notebooks too.


New Chiyogami & Katazome-shi

We're in love with our three new chiyogami (top row); in two colours of plaid with gold, and a navy dots (which we also carry in green, blue-grey and brown), these patterns are smart and chic. Just as scrumptious: our two traditional-patterned katazome-shi (bottom row).


Food-Grade Unryu Tissue

Food-grade Unryu Watermark Tissue is now available in letter size (packages of 25) — for those fancy plates of homemade holiday cookies coming up!


Holiday Ornament Kit

Dress up the tree, your home and gifts with handmade ornaments this coming holiday season. Each kit includes everything you need to make your own ornament — five pieces of Japanese paper, cord for hanging and either one large wooden star or two smaller wooden shapes for decorating. All you need is glue and scissors! Makes a great gift too.


2014 Serizawa Calendar

The 2014 edition of our popular and very exclusive Serizawa calendar is now in stock. A reproducton of one of Japanese textile legend Keisuke Serizawa's timeless katazome-shi calendars, this gem makes a wonderful holiday gift.



Momi Tojimbo — a beautifully supple paper — is now available in six new colours: grape, purple, sea blue, red, blood orange and orange.


Double-Layered Origami


Repositionable Glue

This bright 15-cm Colorful Mesh origami comes with both solid and metallic mesh sheets for layering. Fancy, Fancy!  

Ever have your own note you want to be able to stick again and again? Or working on a layout project? Use a little Fueki Repositionable Glue Stick, and your piece of paper will stick in place but can be removed and moved over and over.

Curious about older "new" items? See our "What's New Archive" page.


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