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New for Fall 2011

Small Origami

We have not one but two new small 7.5cm (about 3 inch) origami packs in vibrant colours! "Traditional Medium" features, not surprisingly, more traditional designs and colours while "Yofu" boasts a more contemporary look.

Traditional Medium origami
Yofu origami


Letterpress Wrap PacksLetterpress Wrap Pack

We've long known our paper is a beautiful complement to great design work, but we're pleased as punch to be offering such satisfying proof! These Wrap Packs were designed and hand-printed by a local Toronto design studo on our paper, and feature four pieces of hand-printed Japanese paper, gift tags and a notecard. Lovely.


Pearlized Patterns

Adding to our popular Pearlized line, we now offer a Linen pattern in three colours, Konami (which means wave) in two colours, and a "Peas" pattern in Bright Green.

New Pearlized patterns: Linen, Konami and Peas


Linen Lightweights

The latest colour additions to our growing line of Linen Lightweight stocks are red, blue and rose. All the beauty of our bestselling Linen cardstocks, but in a more flexible, foldable and printable weight!

Linen Lightweight Blue
Linen Lightweight Red
Linen Lightweight Rose


Chiyogami patterns

Who can resist the cool beauty of silver and blue? We've had these new Chiyogami additions custom-coloured in two favourite patterns. See how irresistable they are for yourself!

864C 865C



2012 Serizawa Calendar

2012 Serizawa Calendar

A collectible item available to only a few in past years, we are thrilled to be able to offer the 2012 edition of Serizawa Calendar more widely than in years past.

This printed reproducton of one of Japanese textile legend Keisuke Serizawa's timeless katazome-shi calendars lets you enjoy a piece of classic Japanese design every day.



It's been a while since we brought in new Katazome-shi; we trust you'll agree that these two are worth the wait!



These latest Chiyogami additions are all colour variations of existing favourites - including the four chosen by popular demand on Facebook.


Enjoy the two new colours in our Uzumaki line of watermark tissues: Umemurasaki and Purple.



We're pleased to offer two new origami kits featuring insects and dinosaurs. Fold the animals, and then use the included background to create a small diorama!
Prefer more traditional origami? Try our new Tant 100 Colours: the same rich Tant colours in a wider array of colours and a smaller paper size.



New for Summer 2011


Four fresh new Chiyogami patterns to cheer up your summer. From elegant, deep blue to a bright lemon yellow, these new patterns are just the ticket!


New for Spring 2011

Sakura Watermark Tissues

We're pleased to introduce these cherry blossom themed Sakura tissues to a wider audience. In five delicate colours, they are a perfect choice for summer.

More Origami

Bokashi - Fan PatternSolid Colour Tissue - Soft

Just because we hadn't added enough new origami this spring, we've added two more packages! One - Solid Colour Tissue - Soft (left) is a replacement for the old discontinued tissue package, and the other - Bokashi - Fan Pattern (right) - a patterned take on our bokashi line.


Chiyogami-covered pencil

Given the popularity of Chiyogami-covered pencils over the years, we thought we'd beautify the companion accessory to pencils as well!

Available in four colours of lids and assorted patterns.



Not one, not two, but THREE new origami packages are now available: the delightful Double-sided Dot and Star packages, as well as a Fancy Box kit. The latter includes 36 sheets of single-sided, double-sided, and double-sided patterned origami paper with an English-language instruction booklet for making the five boxes shown.

Double-sided Dot Double-sided Star
Fancy Boxes kit


Square Deal SapphireChiyogami and Square Deal

Spring brings colour back with our most richly-toned Square Deal card pack yet: Sapphire.


Looking for something a little less intense? Try Chiyogami pattern 853C, our popular 213C colour in gold and a new, light aqua-blue.


New for Winter 2011

Clips and Notes

At some point, everyone needs to use clips and write notes - so why not bring some beauty to the mundane? These Chiyogami-covered bulldog clips and decorative notepaper are just the ticket.


Four new Chiyogami patterns bring the total number of patterns we have ever carried past 850! We have two new patterns, and a new colourway of an old favourite:

Chiyogami 849-52C

Washi user guides for artists

As we are frequently asked by artists which papers work best for which applications, we have assembled a series of PDF "User Guides" for different disciplines with suggested papers as well as tips and tricks for working with washi. We hope these guides will be useful for our reseller partners as well as their customer end-users:

Linen Sky Blue

Linen Sky Blue


Love our Linens? You're not alone - they remain our most popular cardstock. So how could we resist adding this cheery Sky Blue?



Ivory and Silver Chiyogami patterns

We now offer two of our newer "baroque" style of Chiyogami in silver and ivory. Gently toned for winter, light and evocative for spring, elegant for weddings: they are perfect for so many occasions.



Sweetheart Square DealSweetheart Square Deal

With Valentine's Day coming up, we are pleased to introduce the latest addition to our family of "Square Deal" card packs: Sweetheart. Discover why people love these simple, richly coloured cards for yourself.


New for Fall 2010

Chiyogami, balloons and more!

The latest air shipment from Japan has arrived, and with it five new patterns of Chiyogami as well as three new paper balloons.

Animal Balloons - Bulldog, Pig and Elephant
More colourways of this "bubble" motif...
...and now bulldog, elephant and pig balloons!

We've also got blank Japanese handbound books, a sumi-e pad, and a new Moriki Kozo Assortment package. Something for everyone!


Opaques: coming soon and holiday bestsellers

We are in the process of revamping the "opaque papers" section of our online catalogue, to show our full range of these papers. Look for it in the new year! In the meantime, we are pleased to point you towards perennial favourites for holiday wrapping:

  • the rich dark tones of Chitose
  • the bright glitter of the Metallic Fleck lines
  • the flexible, textured delight of Momi papers

Holiday 2010 Suggestions Chitose Momi

Metallic Fleck

Chiyogami-covered pencil 6-packA rainbow of Chiyogami pencil packs

Love our popular Chiyogami pencils? Well, get ready for the latest: glorious colour-coordinated assortments, packaged in sixes, just in time for the holidays! Here's a glimpse - or go directly to the gift page to see more.

New Chiyogami patterns

Speaking of sixes, we now have six new Chiyogami additions to our collection. But don't take our word for it; see them for yourself in the Chiyogami section.

More origami packages

As promised, here are the next additions to our origami range.

5 Origami Models Animal Family
Following diagrams in Japanese is one thing, but sometimes you just want English instructions. 5 Origami Models gives you just that. Following on the popularity of our Animal package, this new Animal Family package includes instructions for the models shown - and even stickers for eyes.
60 Colors Candy Dish
You want colour? We've got colour! 220 sheets in 60 distinct shades of single-sided solid colour origami paper: that's 60 Colors. This package name says it all: Double-sided Chiyo Candy Dish. Designed for the Candy dish shown, the pattern and texture variation will be great for any double-sided model.

Hello Kitty Bonbon

And finally, Hello Kitty Bonbon. We're pleased to offer this package of one of Japan's most enduring pop icons.




Origami packages


We're delighted to announce the arrival of a number of new origami packages we'll be introducing here over the coming weeks.

First up, Aircraft: a fun package with instructions and patterned paper for making a variety of fliers from planes to UFOs.

Next is Tant, a range of solid colour papers in colour-coordinated assortments. Slightly thicker than most standard origami paper, it is particularly well suited to boxes and modular models that benefit from a bit of extra sturdiness. Its rich colour and subtle texture make it a welcome addition to any folder's paper collection.

Tant Reds Tant Greens Tant Yellows Tant Blues


New for Summer 2010

Updated potluck mosaics

Peruse the latest updates in our potluck mosaic assortments: fresh new colours with a fresh new look!


LinensNew linen colours

Like our linen cardstocks? Then you'll love our new colours! In a soft dark grey and pink, our new Sumi and Plum Blossom colours are as sophisticated as they are lovely.



Grid Bags

Creative supply and gift items

From paper wallets, tissue bags and purses to pastes and mini clothes pegs, the Japanese have a beautiful, unique spin on everything. And we're delighted to bring them to you!

Kasuri Wallets Coin Purse
Mini Clothes Pegs Glue Stick ock


Chiyogami galore

We recently received not just a few, but FOUR new patterns in a range of glorious new colours: gorgeous brocades, lush landscapes and a wealth of flowers. Enjoy!

New Chiyogami

New for Spring 2010

Washi papermaking calendar 2011

2011 Japanese Papermaking Calendar


It is our genuine honour and delight to present this 2011 calendar celebrating the materials, process and makers of washi.

It features photos which document the materials, the process and the makers. The photos were taken on the trip to Japan last November by Nancy and Swiss photographer Martina Issler.

A memorable gift for anyone who appreciates the beauty of traditional craftsmanship and fine paper.


More Chiyogami

Fresh from their unveiling at the National Stationery Show in May, we have one new pattern in five striking colours, and a few new colourways of old favourites. Enjoy!

Chiyogami 813C-20C


New Chiyogami patterns and colours, in gorgeous colours perfect for spring!

Chiyogami 805-12C

Mini Surprise PackMore updated potlucks


We've also uploaded a few more of our rebranded "potlucks" - enjoy!



New for Winter 2010


New Chiyogami patterns, as well as new colours of existing patterns, are our latest additions to the Chiyogami line.

Chiyogami 796C - 803C


Kayoko's Mini Mosaics

Potlucks: longtime favourites made new

We have updated and standardized our "potluck" packaging, and renamed many to better capture our unique take on these collections of beautiful Japanese paper. The contents of these gorgeous products remain the same.



Enhanced Natural and Large Format section now online!

Visual Guide to the Japanese Paper Place Natural PapersAfter several months of work, we are thrilled to share our new combined Natural and Large Format section. In addition to a vastly increased range of papers - well over 100 - that you can browse by size, fibre content, weight or appearance, you will find additional information about the papers in the form of a visual guide demonstrating the qualities of each paper with various media and a grading system to compare the quality of different papers. Too much choice? We also have a "Perennial Favourites" page with some tried-and-true bestsellers.

Dive in and look around. We hope you find this section interesting and useful!


Dyed Washi - Moriki and Matsuo KozoDyed Washi

We are also delighted to begin showcasing some of our handmade dyed washi papers. Moriki Kozo and Matsuo Kozo are the first to grace this page, with more to come in the future!


New Chiyogami

To start off 2010, we're pleased to introduce our five newest Chiyogami patterns: two elegant geometric repeats, two lively chrysanthemum variations, and an intricate blue and mauve paisley.