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Online Catalogue - Tissues
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These lightweight but strong fabric-like tissues have a myriad of uses -

         creative cards
            invitation overlay
                on windows
    brochure flyleaf
                elegant wrap

The sky's the limit for these inexpensive and varied delights!

Each tissue type comes in a variety of colours.  Click on an image to view the a range of colours for that pattern. Sizes vary, and are specified on each colour page.

Handmade Tissues


Machine-made Tissues

Abaca Unryu Tissues
Kanji-patterned Obonai Feather
Tama Tissues
Tarasen Tissues
Non-watermark Unryu Tissues

Watermark Tissues

Grid Hemp Flower Ichimatsu Ino
Grid Hemp Flower Ichimatsu Ino
Kingin Koume Mizutama Mizutama Check
Kingin Koume Mizutama Mizutama Check
Mum Sakura Seikaiha Sudare
Mum Sakura Seikaiha Sudare
Ukigumo Unryu Uzumaki Wave
Ukigumo Unryu Uzumaki Wave
Waterproof Watermark Tissues
Weave Additional Shippo Whithe
Weave Additional Shippo White