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Online Catalogue - Mosaics
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The following paper potlucks and packaged productsare assembled by the talented staff at The Japanese Paper Place, artistically combining papers from our thousand or so possibilities.  All of these products are available to retailers for re-sale. Unless otherwise specified, exact paper colours and patterns are assortments and will vary.

Colour Inspirations

The perfect start to any project, choose your favorite colour and inside you'll find an array of textures and tones. Includes 20 decorative opaques, 15 tissues and 5 pieces of Chiyogami, all to help you get inspired.


Emergency Pocket Pack Plus

Emergency Pocket Pack Plus

72 pieces of assorted 3 inch square Chiyogami pieces.

A heartier version of our 24-piece Emergecy Pocket Pack for those who just can't get enough. "When you're stranded and out of Chiyogami, you're outta luck!"

Chiyogami Collection: Geometric

These packages of geometric Chiyogami patterns are available in four colourways (numbered 1 to 4 in the picture left to right). Each package contains five 8.5x11" pieces with small geometric repeat patterns of Chiyogami. Code POT12897

Chiyogami Collection: Floral

This collection features a range of 15 different floral patterns. Each package contains five 8.5x11" pieces with small geometric repeat patterns of Chiyogami. By default you receive an assortment, or you can specify your preferred style of the three choices. Code POT12897

Chiyogami Collection Floral styles 1-3

Chiyogami Collection: Japanese Traditional

The third Chiyogami Collection features traditional Japanese patterns. Each package contains five 8.5x11" pieces with small geometric repeat patterns of Chiyogami. By default you receive an assortment, or you can specify your preferred style of the three choices. Code POT12897

Chiyogami Collection Japanese Traditional styles 1-3

Japanese Calligraphy Set
Japanese Calligraphy Letter Set

Japanese Calligraphy Set

This set features a black ink sumi brush pen and 20 sheets of handmade kozo washi, as well as a sheet with sample Japanese kanji characters to try.
Code CSS12895

Japanese Calligraphy Letter Set

This set includes 10 sheets of mitsumata washi and 5 matching washi envelopes featuring a subtle "kujaku" pattern, a black sumi brush pen and a sheet with sample Japanese kanji charactes to try.
Code CSS12896

Chiyogami Buffet

A collection of 45 sheets of various chiyogami, for origami, collage, cardmaking and other crafts and artworks.

Includes 15 pieces each of 5-inch, 4-inch and 3-inch squares, of all different patterns.

Chiyogami Buffet font and contents

Mega Mix

A heftier version of our mini mix, offering more bang for your buck.

Mega Mix contents

Mega Mix front and back

Textured Mosaics

A selection of natural fibrous papers, especially chosen for collage.



Textured Mosaics

Notes, Notes, Notes

60 sheets of decorative Japanese paper held together by a Chiyogami-covered bulldog clip. Available in pink, mauve and green as shown. Clip patterns may vary.

Even in these digital times, everyone needs to write a note now and again: a thank-you letter, a quick message to someone, even a list. Why not make every note an occasion?


Moriki Kozo Assortment

24 pieces of colourful handmade Japanese paper, perfect for everything from drawing and painting to printmaking.

Moriki Kozo Assortment

Mini Chiyo Momi Gift Tags

Make Your Own Christmas Gift Tags

Momi Chiyo Gift Tags

10 assorted screen-printed, folded tags with ties. Each folded 2.5 x 2.5" card offers an elegant and unique way to convey holiday wishes.

Make Your Own Christmas Gift Tags

20 tags, 8 decorative Japanese paper pieces and ties. What better way to add a personal touch to a gift tag than to decorate it?

Make Yourself Ten Unique Cards

Make-A-Card Kit

7 sheets, 2 cards and envelopes, 1 blank insert, 1 sheet of greetings. Show people you're thinking of them with a personalized card.

Make Yourself Ten Unique Cards

10 cards, liners and envelopes with a selection of Japanese metallic, tissue and decorative papers. Combines the best of Mosaic favourites: a set of our popular Linen cards, and a collection of delicious colour-coordinated papers with which to decorate them.

Metallic Mosaics

Metallic MosaicsMini Metallic Mosaics

12 pieces of dazzling Japanese paper for for collage, card-making and scrapbooking. Bring out some sparkle at the darkest time of year!

Also available in a 6 x 9" package with six pieces: Mini Metallic Mosaics.

Ready to Wrap

Ready to Wrap

3 pieces of watermark tissue 21 x 31".

Why use boring tissue paper when you can use a lovely watermark tissue?

Kayoko's Mosaics - 24 pcs

Kayoko's Mosaics - 24 pcs

(was called "Paper Potluck")

24 pieces 8.5 x 11" colour-coordinated Japanese papers.

For invitations, name tags, collage, card-making, bookmarks, drawing, painting, poetry, rubber-stamping, photo mats, calligraphy, place cards, book covers, gift wrapping. . .

Chiyogami Mosaics

Chiyogami Mosaics

Chiyogami Mini Mosaics(was called "Chiyogami Potluck")

Ten 8.5 x 11"or smaller assorted pieces of colour-grouped Japanese silk- screened patterned paper. Great for collage, card and book-making.

Also available in a 6x9" format: Chiyogami Mini Mosaics, above, with 6 pieces.

Kayoko's Mini Mosaics

Kayoko's Mini Mosaics

(was called "Mini Paper Potluck")

25 juicy morsels of authentic Japanese paper

Mini Mix

Mini Mix

(was called "Mini Scrap Bag")

A satisfyingly hefty bag with an assortment of Japanese paper tidbits. Perfect for collage and scrapbooking!

Kimono Squares

Kimono Squares

6 handprinted Japanese papers: 3 Katazome-shi (hand-stencilled) and three Chiyogami (silkscreened)

Cards, Tags & Things

Cards, Tags & Things

Craft your own bookmarks, tags, postcards, greeting cards and more with 12 papers, 11 cardstocks and 1 envelope.

Mini Surprise Pack

Mini Surprise Pack: Chiyogami Mosaics

6 coordinated Chiyogami patterns plus more than 20 extra Chiyo surprises.

Pochette Chiyo to Go

Pochette Chiyo to Go

Completed pochette sampleWhat do you get when you combine an assortment of letter-size "Chiyo to Go" pieces with a fold-and-glue pochette design? A fun do-it-yourself project with georgous little bags to show for it, perfect for displays and gifts.

Add your own ribbon and end up with delightful results like the ones to the right!


100% Katazome-shi Mix

100% Katazome-shi Mix

12 assorted pieces of genuine handmade Japanese stencilled papers: fade-free, beautiful, and kind to the earth.

Not Just Scraps

Not Just Scraps

25 authentic Japanese papers for all your scrapbooking, cardmaking and general crafting needs.

Natural Mosaics

Natural Mosaics

11 assorted pieces of paper, up to 8.5 x 11". Perfect for drawing, dyeing, collage or simply admiring!

6 All Occasion Greeting Cards

These collections of six hand-assembled cards with our signature Chiyogami papers come in two patterns per pack, complete with blank inserts and envelopes.

6 All Occasion Greeting Cards

Kozo Tissue Assortments Kozo Tissue Assortment Bouquet Kozo Tissue Assortment Summer Kozo Tissue Assortment Eggshell Kozo Tissue Assortment Landscape Kozo Tissue Assortment Spring

Kozo Tissue Assortments

Nine kozo tissue pieces in five colourful collections, perfect for collages, overlay and chine-colle.

Left to right: Bouquet, Summer, Eggshell, Landscape and Spring

Click on each image to see a larger version.


Love Our Planet Cards

Available singly in six colour combinations, we are pleased to add these cards to our popular Love Our Planet line. Featuring hand-stenciled paper with soy-based ink, a blank insert and envelope, they are as understated as they are sophisticated.

Click on each image to see a larger version.

Love Our Planet Card - Ivory Love Our Planet Card - Latte Love Our Planet Card - Cream
Ivory Latte Cream
Love Our Planet Card - Sea Green Love Our Planet Card - Avocado Love Our Planet Card - Pewter
Sea Green Avocado Pewter

Love Our Planet

Love our Planet

10 8.5x11" pieces of natural Japanese papers made from renewable plant fibres. Crafted by papermakers using methods based on a 1400-year-old tradition of respect for the environment. Strong and durable for use in books and cards, drawing and painting, laser and inkjet printing.

Available in a range of natural papers (click on each image for larger sample and paper name):

Tatami Natural
Tatami Orange
Tatami Green
Tatami Blue
Tatami Yellow
Dai Chiri Grey
Dai Chiri Brick
Dai Chiri Green
Dai Chiri Brown
Dai Chiri Yellow
Tea Paper Kocha
Tea Paper Chiri Green
Kozuke White
Kozuke Ivory
Gampi smooth

All papers also available in full, half, and bulk 8.5x11" sheets.

Four To Go

Four To Go

4 different letter-sized pieces of Chiyogami - Japanese silkscreened papers in a convenient letter size for any project!

5 All Occasion Greeting Cards

5 All Occasion Greeting Cards

5 Cards with blank inserts and envelopes. A simple and lovely way to convey congratulations, invitations, or to just say hi.

Square Deal Card Pack

A bright and inspiring cardset with:

  • 10 square, blank linen-finish cards, specific to the colour version you choose (selectio n right)
  • 10 loose white inserts to write, print or stamp on
  • 10 square envelopes

In addition to the mixed colours on the right,single-colour packages in the full range of Linen Cardstock colours are also available upon request.

Roll over images on the right to see an enlarged version below.

Square Deal Card Pack Summer
Square Deal Sapphire
Square Deal Sweetheart
Square Deal Card Pack Woodland

Square Deal Card Pack Urban

Square Deal Card Pack Earth

Square Deal Card Pack Hot

Square Deal Card Pack Spa
Square Deal Card Pack Pastel
Square Deal Card Pack Harvest
Square Deal Card Pack Autumn
Square Deal Card Pack Holiday

Square Deal Card Pack Dusk

Square Deal Card Pack Spring
Square Deal Card Pack Summer


Emergency Pocket Pack front and contents

Emergency Pocket Pack

24 pieces of assorted 3 inch square Chiyogami pieces. "When you're stranded and out of Chiyogami, you're outta luck!"

Wrap For Small Things

Wrap For Small Things with Katazome-shi

3 pieces of Japanese paper 10 x 15", 2 envelopes and 2 cards.

For CDs, concert tickets, books, jewellery, soap or chocolates.

Washi Tastings

Washi Tastings

9 sheets of 100% Japanese handmade paper, perfect for artists and other creative people to experience and experiment with some of the wide range of exquisite handmade papers still made in Japan today.

Comes included with an insert describing the papers and some facts about them. The perfect introduction to fine Japanese papers!

Chiyo To Go selection

The patterns from left to right:
192C, 277C, 304C, 316C, 339C, 432C, 503C, 615C, 629C, 674C

Chiyo To Go

10  8.5x11" sheets of a single pattern, in one convenient grab-and-go package: available in our top ten bestselling Chiyogami patterns as shown at left.

Washi "Luxe" Potluck

24 pieces of the finest handmade papers still produced in Japan.  Each piece is made from the inner bark of one of three plants: kozo (mulberry), gampi (grown wild) and mitsumata (the "feminine" fibre).  Use for art projects that matter!

Card Making Potluck

25 paper pieces, 6 card and 6 envelopes


Itajime Mini Potluck

10 fold-dyed Japanese kozo papers for colour lovers

Holiday Ornament Kit

Dress up the tree, your home and gifts with handmade ornaments this coming holiday season.

Each kit includes materials you need to make your own ornament: five pieces of Japanese paper, cord for hanging and either one large wooden star or two smaller wooden shapes for decorating. All you need is glue and scissors! Makes a great gift too.

Available in two colourways with assorted papers: red and blue. Specify preference if any when ordering.


Holiday Ornament Kit, red colourway

Holiday Ornament Kit, blue colourway


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