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"Katazome-shi" literally, stencil-dyed papers (Also referred to as "Wazome")

Based on traditional kimono-printing techniques, these elegant bold patterned papers were developed in Kyoto during the 20th century by an inspired soul. Using persimmon-dyed kozo as the stencils, and aided by paste and "Kojiro" (soy bean juice), the pigments absorb deeply into the paper to produce long-lasting colour and the unmistakable look of a print truly made by hand. The strength and ageless beauty of these special papers makes them great for book covers and boxes, cards, decorative elements on paper and wood, lampshades or backgrounds for photos. 

As they are extremely time-consuming to make and not always easy to get, we may not have all patterns in stock at all time. To avoid disappointment, please select your second or third choices when ordering.

Below you will find small versions of each page in this section.  Click on the page title below each swatch collection to go to that page and view the swatches in more detail.

Katazome 109W-120W   Katazome 121W-132W   Katazome 133W-144W
  172W 173W 174W
  175W 176W 177W
  178W 179W 180W
Katazome 145W-156W     Katazome 169W-180W
Katazome 181W-191W