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Online Catalogue - Gifts
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In addition to our full and cut sheets of Japanese papers, we are delighted to offer these paper-related gift items.

Please note that we do not offer these products ourselves for retail.
Contact us for wholesale pricing or locate a reseller near you.

Click on each image to see a larger version; use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Chiyogami Magnets Mirror Buttons

New! Chiyogami Magnets

4 colour coordinated ceramic magnets. Each hand made and covered in hand silkscreen Japanese paper.

New! Mirror Buttons

3 inch Mirrors covered in hand-stenciled Katazome paper. Perfect size for every purse.

Chiyogami packages: Emergency Pocket Pack, Chiyogami Buffet, and Emergency Pocket Pack Plus Balloons 2015:

Chiyogami Packages

Sometimes you just want to give the gift of Chiyogami - and we have three different packages just for you! Each is stuffed with an assortment of Chiyogami patterns, perfect for crafters or folders on the go. Left to right they are:

Paper Balloons

These Lion, Bunny, Seal and Ladybug paper balloons are as adorable and re-inflatable as our other paper balloon offerings.

They come individually packaged flat and can be unfolded, blown up with a puff of air, and re-flattened for storage. Use them again and again! Wonderful for gifts or decorations.


Paper balloons

Paper Balloons

Paper Balloons

These sweet balloons are actually made of paper! Left to right, they are:

Follow each link to see the packaging and colour assortments for each item.

Paper Balloons

Yes, believe it or not, these delightful balloons are actually made of paper! They come flat, and can be blown up again and again. They make wonderful party favours.

Animal Balloons - Bulldog, Pig and Elephant

Animal Balloons

These three new animal balloons - bulldog, elephant and pig - join our existing collection of paper balloons. Like the others, they come flat and can be blown up again and again. Perfect stocking-stuffers and party favours.

2018 Serizawa Calendar

This printed reproducton of one of Japanese textile legend Keisuke Serizawa's timeless katazome-shi calendars lets you enjoy a piece of classic Japanese design every day.

Quantities limited. Code GIF8170

Smile Super Clips Katazome Postcards

Smile Super Clips

These cute and sturdy paper clips are perfect for adding a little extra happiness to cards, letters or any other papers you want to keep together.

Available in Silver (32 pcs; code CSS12681) and Colours (20 pcs; code CSS12682)

Katazome Postcards

Available in loose assortments (code STA1947) or packaged sets of two with an explanatory note ("Katazome Postcard Pairs", STA12316), the front of these postcards were created by hand using the same traditional stenciling technique featured on our Katazome papers. A lovely, unique gift.

Mini Clips with Chiyogami Tomoe River Duo Notebooks

Mini Clips with Chiyogami

Our 32mm Chiyogami-covered clips have been so popular over the years that we're introducing a smaller 19mm size. Clip papers in style! Clips come in assorted colour-coordinated sets of five. Code GIF12902

Tomoe River Duo, Trio, and Quintet notebooks

Linen cardstock-covered small notebooks banded with chiyogami are filled with sleek Tomoe River papers, adored by fountain pen users. . Code GIF13286, Trio GIF13306 and Quintet GIF1330

Laser-cut Greeting Cards Japanese Paper Noteblocks

Laser-cut Greeting Cards

Concise sentiments, made of laser cut-out letters revealing a Chiyogami pattern.

Japanese Paper Noteblocks

These simple noteblocks add a touch of class and interest to everything from shopping lists to phone messages. We use notepads every day - why not make the experience more enjoyable?

Landscape Chiyogami-covered Blank Book
mini landscpe chiyogami-covered blank book

Landscape Chiyogami-covered Blank Book

Temporarily Unavailable

These satisfyingly hefty 4x8" blank books are made with cream bond paper, perfect as a guest book, sketch book - or turn it vertically to write even to-do lists in style! Chiyogami-covered pencils sold separately.

Mini Landscape Chiyogami-covered Blank Book

A tiny version of the popular larger format, at a tiny price. Perfect for lists, travel notes and party favours. 2 x 4 1/2" (5x11.5cm), blank inside. Code GIF12731

Set of Four Chiyogami Covered Clips
Chiyogami-covered Clips

Set of Four Chiyogami Covered Clips

Colour-coordinated sets of four Chiyogami covered clips: a gift as exquisite as it is beautiful, for yourself or someone else! Who says paperwork has to be boring?

As featured in House Beautiful!
Check here for resellers who carry these clips.

Chiyogami Covered Clips

If you need to use a bulldog clip, you might as well make it one that's a pleasure to use. Perfect as an inexpensive stocking stuffer or simply to dress up a set of papers.

Chiyogami-covered Pencil Sharpeners
Collapsible Pen Stand

Chiyogami-covered Pencil Sharpeners

The bright patterns and colourful lids make even the chore of pencil sharpening more fun. Pairs beautifully with our bestselling Chiyo-covered pencils!

Collapsible Pen Stand

And where do you put your Chiyogami-covered pencils? In a Katazome-shi-covered pen stand, of course! Ingeniously constructed, they fold flat for easy storage. Assorted patterns.

Chiyogami-Covered Pencils
Chiyogami-Covered Pencil Pack

Chiyogami-Covered Pencils

Unsharpened HB pencils with erasers in a cheery variety of Chiyogami papers. A delightful compliment to any stationery!

Chiyogami Pencil Pack

6 colour-coordinated HB pencils covered in hand-silkscreened Chiyogami. Bring beauty to your pencil use!

chiyogami guest books

Chiyogami covered Journals

Chiyogami-Covered Guest Books

These 10x8" landscape journals are covered in our popular chiyogami papers and make exquisite guest books for weddings and events. The horizontal format is also fun for a different style of diary, travel journal or notebook. 40 pages

Chiyogami-covered Journals

Our 5x7" journals feature hard-wearing signature Chiyogami papers on the outside with textured endpapers and creamy blank pages on the inside. As beautiful to look at as they are satisfying to hold and write in!


Grid Bags

Chiyogami & Katazome-shi Buttons

Grid Bags

Bonbonnieres? Wine bottles? We've got you covered. Available in five sizes and numerous colours, these bags made of our watermark Grid tissues are a fantastic alternative to traditional wrapping. Either let the bag hint at what's inside, or use extra tissue to dress it up even more.

Chiyogami & Katazome-shi Buttons

Who can resist these funky pin-back buttons made from morsels of Chiyogami and Katazome-shi?
They come as an assortment, which is a good thing:
no-one can buy just one!

Tea Canisters Chiyogami-Covered Tea Canisters
Tea Canisters Chiyogami Tea Canisters
These lovely Katazome-shi covered tea canisters work equally well for coffee, sugar, nuts, or other items. Interior plastic lid seals in freshness. Make reaching for staples a pleasure!
100, 200 (not shown) and 300 gram sizes, assorted patterns.
We now offer a five-pattern range of 300g Chiyogami-covered tea tins. Choose from the selection above, or large quantities can be customized with a Chiyogami pattern from our full line.
3-Fold Memo Katazome-shi Card Holders
3-Fold Memos Katazome-shi Card Holders
As small as a Blackberry or other PDA, but much more satisfying for the paper lover - and it never needs batteries. The momi (crinkled) texture makes these assorted card holders as pleasing to hold as the gorgeous Katazome paper patterns makes them to see.
Mini Address Books  
Address Books  
What easier way to keep track of those key contacts than with this palm-sized address book? It never needs recharging, and doesn't take a university degree to program. A fabulous stocking-stuffer.  

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