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In addition to our many papers, we are pleased to offer a range of related products.

Tomoe River Paper package

New! Tomoe River Paper Writer's Kit

Want to try writing with renowned Tomoe River paper, or share your love of it with someone else? Try this package of 30 5.25x8.5" sheets, 15 each of white and cream, along with a black fine-tipped pen. Code CSS13173

Tomoe River Paper

At the request of fountain pen lovers, we offer Tomoe River paper, a very smooth and even machine made stock used mainly for offset printing in Japan. A dream to write on with fountain pen or markers. Package of 25 8.5x11" sheets in cream (code JPP12978P2) or white (code JPP13147P2).
Full sheets also available; please inquire.


Sumi-e pad

Sumi-e Pad

You may already be familiar with our Sumi ink and Sumi-e rolls, but did you know we offer a flat pad as well? With 30 sheets of thick 9.25 x 10.5" paper, it's ready for any kind of brush painting whenever the mood strikes! Code STA7568

Marbling Set

Create stunning patterns by marbling your own paper. This kit includes six colours to execute two techniques of Japanese marbling: on a water bath or fold-dying paper. Code CSS3188

JPP Noribake (Paste Brush)

JPP Noribake: paste brush

Quality Japanese paper deserves a quality brush! Here's what makes ours a winner:

  • Undyed goat hair - soft, very absorbent, long lasting.
  • Well secured between two paper layers made from washi and nylon; bound with synthetic string. No loose hairs or rusty metal ferrules.
  • Natural hair ends are intact ­ NOT cut ­ creating a lovely taper when wet. No streaks on the page; no "bushy" ends after just a few uses.
  • Japanese Cypress handle - warp and rot resistant. Custom size with shorter handle for better control and fit in your hand.

While "Noribake" means paste brush, it also works wonderfully with wet media such as inks, dyes and watercolour. Code11563

Yamato Glue Stick

Yamato Glue Stick

We can't say enough good things about these glue sticks: we use them ourselves in-house all the time. Not only are they non-toxic, scent-free and made of recycled plastic, but they're a pleasure to use: they don't gum up and dry out the way so many others do. Try them and see why we love them! Code CSS8006

Fueki Repositionable Glue Stick

Ever have your own note you want to be able to stick again and again? Or working on a layout project? Use a little of this, and your piece of paper will stick in place but can be removed and moved over and over. Never buy a commercial sticky note again! Made from 100% corn starch, non-formalin. Code 12820

Pin Clips - Box of 50
Clothes Pegs

Pin Clip - Box of 50

These ingenious little devices are well named, with a pin on the back and a clip on the front. While best used on cloth or bulletin boards, they can be used even on most walls and doors as well. You'll never need glue or to poke holes to suspend notes, cards or small pieces of art again! Code CSS10228

Clothes Pegs - Bag of 50

These tiny, perfectly functioning clothes pegs make a fun and interesting alternative to paper clips or staples. Irresistible!
Code CSS7602

Sumi-e Ink (green lid)
Sumi-e Rolls

Sumi Ink

This student grade bottle of black liquid Sumi ink is ideal for those discovering the Japanese arts of Sumi-e (Japanese ink painting) or Shodo (Japanese brush calligraphy). Code CSS8003

Sumi-e Rolls

Our Sumi-e rolls, made in Japan, offer the perfect receptive surface for the student of Sumi-e or Shodo. Available in 12", 14" or 18" widths, all are approximately 20 metres long. Codes CSS3230, CSS3231 and CSS3232 respectively.

Bone Folders
Yamato Rice Paste

Bone Folders

We offer three different sizes of cattle bone folders to ease the job of creasing paper for hobbyists and professional artists alike!
4": Code CSS2236
6": Code CSS2237
8": Code CSS2238

Yamato Rice Paste

Rice paste is an indispensable traditional Japanese product when working with washi! While we do offer retail tools for more traditional preparation techniques, these squeezable tubes of prepared rice paste are perfect for more rushed lives!
50g (4 assorted tube colours; code CSS8280) and 220g (green tube only; code CSS2160).

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