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Exceptional Papers

Aging like fine wine...

One of the most revered papermakers, Yasuichi Kubota, once replied when asked what he thought was the most suitable Japanese paper for etching, "Any - if it is made with pure fibre and sufficiently aged.  Then you can do any medium on it, including calligraphy, drawing and all forms of printmaking."

Although business advisors quake at the level of inventory we maintain in our warehouse, we now perform the function that in days of old, Japanese wholesalers performed: aging the paper like good wine to its perfect ripeness, in 2 or 3 years after making.

Here is a list of great aged papers, made by hand by masters, and capable of great things in the hands of willing artists in any medium.  These papers are limited in quantity but unlimited in their potential in the hands of innovative and sensitive artists.

Prices subject to change due to fluctuation in the Japanese Yen.
For more details or to order, please go to our online order form or contact us directly.

Paper Name & weight
Seichosen Kozo 100% Japanese kozo, cooked in lime, dried on boards Sun-dried; off-white; unsized 
Rich, supple slightly soft paper, very absorbent and beautiful with colour. Great for sumi-e, woodblock and lino printing.
25 1/2 x 71", 
29 1/2 x 55"
Seikosen Mitsumata Long 50g 100% mitsumata cooked in lime Sun-dried on textured boards.  Slightly creamy in colour; very soft and absorbent. Favoured by sumi-e artists.  25 1/2 x 71"  $38.00
Inoue Haini Kozo 
100% Japanese kozo, cooked in soda ash Fine, evenly-made paper. Favoured by conservators and for block printing.  24 x 38"  $14.25
Inoue Haini Kozo 
100% Japanese kozo cooked in soda ash Heavy, very strong paper; just off-white.  25 x 39"  $28.00
Fukunishi Udagami  100% Japanese kozo w/ clay, cooked in wood ash The addition of clay prevents shrinkage.  Almost clothlike, beautiful shape. 12 1/2 
x 18 1/2"
Fukunishi Udagami  Long 100% Japanese kozo w/ clay, cooked in wood ash    12 x 57"  $20.00
Hosokawa Kozo 100 % Japanese kozo cooked in soda ash Designated national cultural property; slightly yellowish tinge.  Tough and translucent.  24 x 36"  $20.00
Hand made Tosa  Tengujo 100 % Japanese kozo cooked in soda ash Sun bleached, very fine tissue  21 x 30"  $13.00
Sekishu Tsuru Large 100% Japanese kozo, cooked in soda ash  Made using "rokubu-heguri kozo" (60% cleaned green bark) 
Tsuru (good quality), Banshi (Hanshi) - brush writing paper
 21 x 29"  $13.00
Sekishu Hanshi Mare small 100% Japanese kozo cooked in soda ash Made using "rokubu-heguri kozo" (60% cleaned green bark) 
mare (highest quality) 
Banshi (Hanshi) - brush writing paper. 
Colour will lighten slightly with time.
 9 3/4 
x 13 3/4"
Conservation Gampi 100% Japanese kozo Machinemade.  Fine, even beautiful paper available in three weights: 24g, 18g and 9g.  Great for chine-collé. 100cm wide. Full roll 61m long; available in custom lengths. Heavy (24g) - $62.00/m

Medium (18g) - $41.00/m

Light (9g) - $25.00m

Conservation Kozo Misu 30g 100% Japanese kozo Machinemade. Lightweight, light in colour, with a fine fibrous texture. Weight 30g. 96cm wide.  Full roll 61m long; available in custom lengths. $21.00/m
Ino Chiri 100% Japanese kozo Machinemade.  A heavy, luscious unsized paper with dark bits of bark.  Weight 70g. 96cm wide.  Full roll 61m long; available in custom lengths. $26.00/m

Dyed Mitsumata Handmade Papers


Paper Name
& weight
Content Maker/  Region Description Sizes Price 
 Izumo 100% Japanese Mitsumata Shimane Prefecture Thick, soft and even with a slight sheen, these dyed papers have a subtle texture from being dried on boards.

Great for letterpress and relief printing; drawing or painting with gouache.

25" x 39.5" $22.00

Left to right: Usucha, Pale Blue, Spruce Green, Yellow, Mauve, Salmon, Orange, Teal, Oxford, Black