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Workshops and Events

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On the Road / Trade & Specialty Shows -- Check this page for upcoming national and international events we may be attending in your area.

Washi Wednesdays -- Find inspiration and discover the wonders of washi with our monthly drop-in.

We do more than just sell paper! We have a passion for sharing our love of Japanese paper and paper arts with the world. Below we list events and workshops that take place at our warehouse, now at 103 The East Mall,Unit 1, Etobicoke, as well as washi-related exhibitions and lectures in the Toronto area.

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Our Creative Offerings for 2019


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For cancellations up to 3 days before the workshop, credit can be applied to another workshop or to paper purchases in the future. After that time , no refunds will be given to allow ample time for preparation.

Washi Drawings

Drawing with Washi

with Pamela Dodds

  • Sat. Feb 23 10 am-4 pm
  • $125

Gain an understanding of how the unique character and behaviour of different types of Washi, when matched with different drawing media, can enhance your drawing experience and lead to beautiful results. In this structured workshop, 4 hands-on drawing projects will provide information, insight, and drawing techniques for working with Washi to outstanding effect.

Washi Quilt

Quilting for Washi Lovers

with Liz Eakins

  • Sat. March 9 10 am-4 pm
  • $135

What? Sew paper? Absolutely! Quilters will know that paper can be used when working with fabric to piece precise shapes, but in this workshop the paper alone forms the end result. On this day you will play with a variety of Japanese papers - decorative & plain, thick & thin - and sew "quilts" that can be used for book covers, cards, small bags, wall art and more. Paper can be treated with konnyaku starch to toughen it, or left untreated.
Participants will need to bring their own sewing machine and some regular sewing thread. A wonderful variety of paper will be provided, though we encourage you to bring your own offcuts and failed prints, drawings or paintings on washi to enrich your mix.


Heather Yamada Painting

Contemplative Mind/Spontaneous Brush

with Heather Yamada

  • Sun. March 17 10 am-4 pm
  • $150

"Heather Midori Yamada dances with paper, colour and brush strokes in an abstract world" as one columnist has written about her work. In this one day workshop, this talented, travelling washi ambassador will help you calm your mind to free the body to make intuitive marks and strokes on absorbent washi, using acrylic paint, wax and inks including sumi.

Tissue Layers

Translucent, layered, drawn & stitched

with Sigrid Blohm

  • Sat. April 13 10 am-4 pm
  • $135

Washi comes in a wonderful variety of weights, from barely-there thin to thick and opaque. This range of translucence lends itself very well to creating layered works. In this workshop you will play with a variety of thinner (and some heavier) types of washi, experiment with overlapping and cutting through, creating textures, and making drawn and stitched marks. You will learn about the characteristics of different types of washi, how they each behave through using them, and ways of attaching it all together.

Wet Mounting

with David Hu

  • Tuesday April 23 6-9 pm
  • $65


Abstracted Landscape

Abstracted Landscapes on Wood Panels using mixed media with washi

with Sharlena Wood

  • Sat. April 27 10 am-4 pm
  • $150

Bring your favoured drawing and painting media - paint markers, pastels, acrylic and watercolour paints and inks. We'll supply the wooden panels, the washi and the paste. Sharlena, talented artist and inspiring teacher, will guide you as you combine diverse elements to make an abstracted whole on a 9" x 12" wooden panel, ready to hang. A great way to approach painting using the thinnest - often the best and most absorbent - washi without the worry and the expense of framing it.

International Print Day

International Print Day

Print Day in May

  • Sat. May 4 12 pm - 4 pm
  • Free

Come and make a print on washi with us at The JPP, joining this international event!

Dominique Zip Sky

Watercolour On Washi

with Dominique Prevost

  • Saturday May 11 10am - 4pm
  • $120

When we think of watercolours we usually imagine paintings of landscapes, florals and the like, but painting a picture is not what this workshop is about. Instead, it's about playing with how watercolour and different types of washi interact and learning how to use those interactions in your work. With Dominique's playful yet considered approach you will learn ways of applying colour and texture to washi with watercolour. You will experience how different washi weights, absorbencies and textures affect watercolour washes and mark-making, while building a collection of painted papers for later use in collage or as reference for future painting. This is all about process and discovery through guided experimentation. We'll provide a variety of kinds of washi for you to use and you'll bring your own watercolours and brushes. We'll supplement with some of our watercolour sets, brushes and a few additional mark-making materials for contrast.



Mokuhanga Printing

with Elizabeth Forrest

  • Saturday May 25 10am - 4pm
  • $120

Mokuhanga is traditional Japanese woodblock printing using water-based inks. This environmentally-friendly - and beautiful - technique has seen a renaissance in recent years and feels particularly timely today. This workshop focusses on just one aspect of mokuhanga printmaking to get you started: the printing.
Some basic carving approaches will be discussed, essential cutting techniques demonstrated, and the qualities of different types of washi will be covered. Several woodblocks will be available for printing from to explore pigment application and different effects ("bokashi", "sesame" and "smooth"), registration for multiple colours, authentic tools, hand printing and more.
We are pleased that Elizabeth will bring her talent and extensive knowledge to share with you on this day full of learning.





Oguni Show

Sally Ayre   Sigrid Blohm   Larry Hahn  
Dana Holst   Chihiro Imai   Brian Kelley  
Tania Love   Helen McCusker   Loree Ovens  
Tammy Ratcliffe   Michelle Hogan-Walker   Noriko Maeda  
Lorraine Pritchard   Carolyn Qualle   Jake Spicer (UK)  
George Walker   Carolyn Young   Cybele Young  


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The Toronto School of Art has a range of courses in many types of artistic expression, some of which acommodate Japanese paper very well. Visit their website for more info and to register for their courses.

Open Studio is the centre for printmaking in Toronto, and in addition to being a longtime supporter of Japanese paper, offer classes and workshops in different print styles from beginner to advanced. Check out "education" on their website to peruse their latest offerings.

Articulations is an art supply store and workshop space in The Junction in Toronto. They offer a lively selection of workshops for both adults and children to keep you creating all year round.