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Commitment to Tosa Washi

In 2013, a selected group of 13 artists using Tosa Washi exhibited at Marugoto Kochi in Ginza, Japan. The event was co-organized by The Japanese Paper Place, Moriki Paper and the Kochi government.

Artist and media details listed below each image.

  • Liz Parkinson: Relief, litho, acrylic and gold leaf on Gampi, Tosa Usushi, wetmounted on Mura Koban
  • Doug Guildford: India ink drawing on torn Kizuki Tosa Kozo squares,
Hand-sewn with black thread
  • Lorraine Pritchard: sumi ink on Hamadasan's Tosa tengu-jo
  • Loree Ovens: Collagraph, Dry Point, silk thread and stitching incorporating Kizuki Tosa Kozo and Haini Kozo mounted to Tosa Udagami
  • Tania Love: Suminagashi on Takaoka kozo, hand cut
  • Annyen Lam: Lithograph, hand-cut paper on Mura Koban Kozo
  • Libby Hague: Kiraku kozo, hand-coloured woodcut, industrial pleating, mura udaban smooth kozo, black cord
  • Libby Hague: woodcut on kiraku kozo and mixed papers
  • Cybele Young:  sculpture using kizuki tosa kozo
  • Noelle Hamlyn: boiled and massaged machine- embroidered Kashiki gampi tissue
  • Milton Jewell: Encaustic monoprint (pigmented wax) on Seichosen (kozo)
  • Elizabeth D'Agostino: Etching with silkscreen on Kashiki gampi tissue
  • Liz Menard: Etching, hand colouring, hand shaping with konnyaku, silk thread with Kiraku Kozo and Mura Udaban Itaboshi kozo
  • Tammy Ratcliff: woven etching printed on Tosa usushi kozo and kizuki Tosa kozo, Mura Koban kozo, Kashiki gampi 9g, Tosa tengu-jo kozo and Taniai dyed kozo
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Washi Summit 2011
Living with Washi: Japanese Paper Inspiring Daily Life

For our 2011 annual celebration of washi, we focused on "Living with Washi: Japanese Paper Inspiring Daily Life": ways of using washi in everyday life, not just as a background medium for wall art.

One of the highlights of the was the gala "Washi Off the Wall" with Linda Lundström and Lei Li. Linda, a Canadian fashion designer icon, showcased her "Floating Washi Walls", a light and flexible solution to big bare spaces - along with her delightful washi accessories. Also on display was emerging talent Lei Li's collection of "Wearable Washi".

Forget about drapes. Let in the light with "Open Window" #9! A brilliant and practical design creating sculpture from a window covering with the flick of a ribbon.
A crowd favorite: the 5-Button Birch room divider, complete with pockets!
It's a scarf. It's a window covering. It's a room divider. It's a beautiful objet.
One of Lei Li's clothing items: a washi dress with suminagashi (water and ink) marbling.

Our in-house gallery also featured a separate exhibition on lamps and lamp-transmitters called "Let There Be Light."

Dogwood and Ikazaki washi (kozo) hanging lamp by Kathleen Doody.
Here is Larry Hahn with his wall lamp "Banded Half-Round" on the left, and Peter Jones on the right with his collaborative hanging lamp "Enlightened Butterflies" featuring papercuts of Barbara Klunder. Hahn used a variety of kozo tissues with inclusions, while Peter and Barbara used Seikosen Mitsumata and Seichosen Kozo.
Silkscreen print by Julia Prime and free-fold origami design by Andrew Ooi.

Throughout the neighbourhood, stores, window displays and art galleries also featured works of washi. Here are just a few:

A paper fan of Liz Menard's from "Fandango" at NACO Gallery Cafe.

Liz made her fans with varying print techniques, all on washi, even the "wooden" slats. Watermark tissues, coloured with india ink, were used for the lace.

Nanette of L'enveloppe Rouge made these lovely konnyaku-strengthened washi cushions.
Wood artist Rob Brown constructed this "White Elm Shoji Screen", shown at Upstairs At 111 Bathurst.
Freedom Clothing Collective featured a number of different washi items, including earrings, Nadia Tan's Blue Shirt in a Lightbulb, and Elizabeth Aston's brooch, handspun and crocheted from kozo paper.
A collaborative work by Lubo Brezina and Tanya Norman.
Coriander Girl's window display of Sally Ayre's delicate washi bowls.