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From our humble beginnings in 1982, when owner Nancy Jacobi started showing artists and bookbinders these gorgeous papers from the trunk of her car, The Japanese Paper Place staff remain committed to the company's ideal of encouraging and promoting creativity with quality Japanese papers.

Though we have a warehouse full of machine made and decorative Japanese papers which we ship around the world, our particular passion is for sharing traditional Japanese handmade papers with the world while they are still being made.

Nancy Jacobi

Nancy Jacobi

Meet the staff

Nancy Jacobi

Decades after founding The Japanese Paper Place, Nancy Jacobi continues to find new outlets to express her life's passion for one of the world's most precious artistic resources: washi.  Her 2008 endeavour, "The World Washi Summit", brought together Japanese papermakers, artists, gallery owners and distributors of our paper from around the world for a life-altering week of creative discovery.  This event was the perfect expression of Nancy's essence: the ability to mix art with business, tradition with innovation, and passion with purpose. Each subsequent year in June and throughout the year she has organized a smaller event along similar themes. In 2017 we partnered with Propeller Gallery for the In the Spirit of Indigo, hosting an exhibition using vintage indigo gampi and offering numerous workshops related to blue.

Lest you think our "CEO of Inspiration" is all work and no play, we assure you that she makes time to enjoy baroque music, theatre, Tai Chi, swimming at her summer cottage and traveling the world with her husband, Peter Jones.  (We're just not sure when she finds time to sleep!)

A cast of creative, skillful and knowledgeable paper-loving staff keep things humming at the warehouse: 

Sigrid Blohm Sigrid Blohm

Sigrid Blohm is a lover of things natural, including canoeing in Ontario's north country. She acts as our washi consultant and helps to organize workshops (her own "stitching washi" included) and exhibitions. When not at the warehouse giving advice on just which types of washi we have for your particular needs she can be found at home drawing on, stitching or dyeing them herself.

Paula Huisman

Paula is an artist, poet, cloud watcher, and new-markets specialist with a focus on opening new eyes to the boundless creative possibilities inherent in our exquisite papers. You can read some of her writing at

Peter Jones Peter Jones

When you ship paper to all four corners of the globe you need someone who knows how to get it there quickly, economically and in one piece… and our "go to" person is Peter Jones. A true renaissance man, Peter’s wide-ranging talents are called upon for everything from fixing leaky faucets to hanging washi sculptures. A whiz with Japanese paper and a soldering iron, he also teaches our popular "Lampshade Making" workshop. And as we all learned at a staff party, he can salsa with the best of them!

Vinna Ly

Vinna Ly joined us originally to help in production, where a talented gang of women create the many packaged and pasted items we design and sell. With the marriage and departure of the head honcho, Vinna was ripened for the task of managing the area. She takes over the reins with her special brand of enthusiasm, energy and a background in retail merchandising. A graduate in environmental design from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Vinna is also a key contributor to her partner's LE Gallery, on the forefront of Toronto's gallery scene. Her wry sense of humour comes as part of the package!

Tara Moore-Jones

Tara Moore-Jones has been a part of the JPP since she was 9 years old when she helped make the first prototypes of our Potluck Packages! Now, fully grown, she still brings her creative side to her position in the Sales Department: getting new US and international customers started and helping them grow.

Tara's young daughter, in turn, is now discovering the joy of making tiny books from Japanese paper too.

Emma Welch Emma Welch

Emma Welch is the latest addition to the JPP team . As well as her degree from the U of Guelph in Printmaking and Sculpture, she comes with a keen interest in plant-based foods and ornamental grasses - and, on this theme, a thirst for more working knowledge about sustainable washi. Before moving recently to Toronto, she helped customers with their washi selection at Wyndham Art Supply. "Care" is the word she uses to describe her art practice, suiting her well for her position with us as Sales & Education Assistant. She also has an affinity to yellow and coconut ice cream with salt!

Jeff Spicer Jeff Spicer

Jeff Spicer is the latest addition to the JPP shipping/cutting dept, and it's a good match because: 

a) he lives nearby and walks or bikes to work
b) he likes music from the "whole spectrum"
c) he likes to draw & will now draw on washi!
d) he brings experience in other warehouses
e) he has a great dry sense of humour.

Janice Christie

We welcome Janice Christie, office administrator, as the most recent member of our staff. We welcome her varied experience in the "way of the office", her background in floral design and her lovely calm efficiency.

A rare Torontonian by birth, she happens to live 10 doors from fine paper manager Sigrid! There'll be no escaping now the come-hither appeal of washi!

Megan Sproule

Megan is a valuable member of our production team, last year creating over 3,000 MiniMix mosaic packs alone! She is an OCAD graduate in sculpture and installation with a minor in material art and design. She loves to knit, crochet and sew, and puts her enjoyment of working with her hands to good use in the production department.

Duke Tran

Duke Tran is our highly skilled packer who makes sure that even the most delicate tissues arrive in perfect condition. His willingness to assist fellow employees with a smile makes him indispensable in every department. "No" just isn't in his vocabulary! A self-described "classic Pisces," Duke enjoys venturing off the beaten path in his travels through life and finds it difficult to resist a good pastry or a slice of cheesecake.