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From our customers

We have indeed been fortunate with our customers around the world who show constant appreciation for what we offer and how we offer it. Some comments:

Thanks to you and the great papermakers of Japan, their paper has given me a new breath of life in the studio, a re-birth of sorts. After almost 40 years of working on European paper, finally I have arrived at a peaceful place, and it is Japan.
Japanese gampi is wonderful for working and creating texture, using its inherent fibers ... I love this paper! — Stephen Scott Young, artist

"Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service throughout the project." Custom Sign Consultants, Chicago Illinois

"The service from the JPP has been absolutely amazing. Nothing is too much trouble and any queries I have are always answered swiftly and courteously and knowledgeably. I have had the privilege of visiting the JPP on two occasions where I got to spend lots of time in the warehouse, positively drooling over the massive selection of the world's most beautiful papers. A warehouse tour is a must for the serious paper lover." — Carol Payne from Franca Xenia, Johannesburg, South Africa

"You have always been such a wonderful source of information and resources. We are very grateful for the incredible paper and materials that you have brought to this city. It has certainly made our work as designers more interesting, inventive and exciting. Thank you." —RSVP Studio Inc., Toronto Ontario

"Because the Japanese Paper Place has grown over the years so has the use of washi. It's no accident. From the very first time I came into what was a tiny store thirty years ago I knew the people who worked there loved what they handled. And as the demand grew because of the irresistible charm of the people and the product so did the business. It now has an Artists' Resource Centre to further that end. Artists can rest assured that their ideas have a better chance of materializing with the use of the proper material. The right material can spell the different between a beautiful creative leap and a painful belly flop." Brian Kelley, artist


"The tea containers do sell well and people who buy our green tea (it's our own brand because I get my tea directly from the farm in Kyoto....this also sells well) as gifts tend to pair them with a nice container.  I do get other tea containers elsewhere too but the wealth of your katazome patterns wins and I like to have a colourful display of containers.  They attract the customers' eyes to our tea area." — Ikebana Shop, Halifax Nova Scotia


"Thank you very much for your stellar product and service." — Papers! Nob Hill, Albuquerque New Mexico


"We received your products yesterday and sold some of the book rolls right out of the box! Take care and thank you for the quick service!" Art Mart, Muncie Indiana


"We had a great time at The Japanese Paper Place, which is, by the way, a truly special place. We are indebted to their wonderful staff for a great Open House and much, much more." — Graphic Chemical, Chicago


"In future, I would suggest that warning labels accompany your shipments:

The material enclosed has been known to cause heart flutters, and misty eyes. Sensitive artists should be cautioned that dependency on such materials could lead to leaps in imagination and death to boredom.

Hee, hee, hee. Thank you for the great service, wonderful materials and new inspiration!" — Kim Fjordbotten, The Paint Spot


"Thank you so very much for making this process so easy.  I love the samples that you sent and even saw some paper that we could use for an event coming up.
Okay, please tell the official packer at JPP they are the BEST!  I’ve never seen such detailed and perfect packing for the delicate papers you are shipping.  I love it and look forward to making our next order." — Eldrina Jones, PB Event Designs


"I get loads of lovely comments about your papers! Thank you for all your fantastic service, it's great to know that I have a supplier I can rely on. Sometimes your paper gets here quicker than goods from suppliers in the same country!" — Karen, Love Letters, Ireland


"Everything was in good shape as always --- I continue to admire the wonderful packing. It's like NOTHING arrives dinged!" — Catherine Burkhard, Bookbinder, Texas


"What a pleasure to deal with The Japanese Paper Place again.  I ordered from you years ago, when I worked at St. Michael's Printshop in Newfoundland.  I have never forgotten the delicious range of papers that you sent." — Ann Bowman, Printmaker, Australia


"For fifteen years I have savoured and been saved by the bounty of delicious papers at the JPP. As a graphic designer specializing in invitations, menus, placecards and print for corporate events, my job is to make people feel special. By incorporating beautiful papers in our handmade designs I feel we deliver a little heart and soul to each recipient.... ever important in this increasingly digital world." — Kim Thompson, Graphic Designer


In the media

The October 2013 issue of House Beautiful magazine features our chiyogami-covered guest books in its selection of "The Best!" shows a Toronto garden wedding in which our watermark tissues add some beautiful decor touches. Hemp Flower Mauve as place mats adds a beautiful touch to the tabletops, while handmade wreaths feature several tissues in white.

Canadian Living Jan 2013

In a story about gift wrapping in the January 2013 issue of Canadian Living, three of our papers are featured, including Katazome-shi 78W, Obanai Feather in Blue, and chiyogami 864C.


The September/ October 2012 issue of Brides showed wedding favour boxes by Borrowed Blue, featuring serveral of our chiyogami.


House Beautiful March 2012

House Beautiful March 2012 featured our Chiyogami-covered clips as one of "the best".

(Click on image to see a larger version.)


Art Materials Retailer Winter 2012

Art Materials Retailer
Winter 2012 had occasion to mention our ability to offer custom Chiyogami patterns, showing a range we recently had made.

(Click on image to see a larger version.)


Martha Stewart Living's November 2011 issue introduced katazome-shi wrapped Advent gifts, featuring from top to bottom 75W, 109W and 129W.

(Click on image to see a larger version.)

Katazome-shi wrapped advent calendar from Martha Stewart Living November 2011


Oprah Magazine March 2011

The 2011 issue of Oprah Magazine featured a jewelry organizer by Izzy Jewel Box lined with 808C.

(Click on image to see a larger version.)


Food & Home entertainment August 2010

South African magazine Food & Home Entertaining, working with reseller Franca Xenia, used Chiyogami patterns 717C, 780C and 650C as well as Ukigumo Blue to show off these August 2010 recipes.

(Click on image to see a larger version.)


Origami and Chiyogami: a match made in heaven! The Globe and Mail featured a traditional origami lotus blossom fold made of 376C as a creative placecard alternative in this May 2010 article.

(Click on image to see a larger version.)